Buy a bond today to benefit the health of Ontario’s food, planet & people


The Fair Finance Fund is offering community bonds to people interested in supporting regional food systems, Ontario communities, and thriving social enterprises. Non-accredited, accredited and institutional investors can purchase a bond to align their values and keep their investment capital within Ontario. Your funds will be directly invested into local food and farm enterprises across Ontario that have a social purpose of local production and local markets.

The Fair Finance is currently offering both types of community bonds. For more information please email


Your Dollar Grows Local Food Systems in Ontario!

Your investment contributes to:

  • $4 impact for every dollar invested in year 1 and 2

  • 1 new job per $20,000 investment

  • An average of 17 social enterprises annually

  • An additional $850,000 revenues into Ontario’s economy every year

  • Greater social and environmental benefits in Ontario’s communities

Every loan recipient agrees to provide semi-annual reports on impact measurements. There are three standard indicators, and two custom indicators showing social and/ or environmental benefits such as reduced water or energy usage, increased knowledge from staff training, increased community health from access to healthy food, etc.

Loan recipients are provided with an easy-to-use spreadsheet to track their progress, and meet with staff before receiving the loan to receive orientation to the tracking tool. A menu of possible social and environmental indicators is also provided. Annual reports on impacts will be issued to investors and public.

Bond size







5 years

10 years

Interest earned




$20,000 in new jobs, growth

$200,000 in new jobs, growth


Interested in learning more?

For more information on our community investments, check out these materials below! Detailed business plan and a full offering statement are available on request to


Community bond term sheet

Interested in learning more about our community bond terms? The Community Bond Term Sheet will answer your questions.



Business Plan

Check out our business plan for more information about the Fair Finance Fund.