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Loan Terms

The Fair Finance Fund offers:

Loans between $20,000 and $100,000

Terms of five years

6% interest

Optional 3 month grace period

No collateral requirement

Principal repayment in monthly payments with interest over term of loan

No extra fees

Early payment option under certain conditions


We are accepting loan applications on an ongoing basis.

Please send questions to loans<at>


Please consult these documents to help in loan application preparation:


Eligible applicants will:

  • Derive most of their income from sales of goods and services

  • Be registered as a non-profit, charity, co-op or a business with clearly stated social and/or environmental values and objectives that are integrated into the operations

  • Provide a business plan for start-up or expansion activities, and a financial plan that demonstrates an ability to pay back loan elements of the funding

  • Demonstrate the ability to track the social and/or environmental impact of the funded project, and benchmarks for social and environmental impact as well as financial measures

  • Demonstrate appropriate expertise to meet project goals

Fair Finance Fund loan review process:

  1. Applicants submit preliminary application as posted on website

  2. Approved preliminary applicants are contacted and invited to submit full application for review

  3. Staff assists applicants with questions as they prepare applications

  4. Full application is submitted

  5. Applicants are informed whether or not the application is ready for full assessment

  6. Applications are analyzed by two reviewers for each application

  7. Site visits, reference checks, and follow up questions are completed

  8. Credit checks conducted for eligible applicants

  9. Applicants are informed of decision including conditions and proposed terms

  10. Applicants sign documents and loan is disbursed

    Semi-annual reporting (with impact measurement reports) is collected throughout the repayment term and the Annual Loan statements are issued by the Fair Finance Fund

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